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Qraved is one of Indonesia's leading food apps that intends to connect individuals together through personalized food recommendations, as well as promote restaurants to millions of the platform's users. Its rapid growth have also lead to a projection for the company to reach a 'unicorn' status by 2020.


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Marketing at Qraved

Qraved has 11 Marketing employees in Indonesia. The company is employing and also seeking to employ various marketing positions such as Brand Executive, Digital Strategist and Social Media Officers within the department to complement the overall growth strategy of the startup.

    Where they studied:

  1. UI
  2. Binus
  3. LSPR
  4. Mercu Buana
  5. Budi Luhur University
  6. Atma Jaya
  7. Unpad
  8. UPH
  9. Yonsei University
  10. Prasetiya Mulya


  1. Atma Jaya
  2. Unpad
  3. UPH
  4. Yonsei University
  5. Prasetiya Mulya

    What they studied:

  1. Business & Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Design & Visual Communications
  4. Communication & Media
  5. Communication

    Where they worked before:

  1. Ruangguru
  2. Rocket Internet SE
  3. NAVER Corp
  4. Adways Indonesia
  5. Zomato

Meet some of Qraved's Marketers

Qraved marketers come from a variety of universities, from all over the country. Below a few examples of universities represented by multiple current Qraved employees. If you are an alumni from such university you can reach out directly to them to ask them more information about a career in marketing at Qraved.


Senior Brand Partnership (Profile)

Brand Account Manager (Profile)

Atma Jaya Catholic University

Social Media Officer (Profile)

Universitas Parahyangan

Content Writer (Profile)

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