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DocDoc is a Singapore-based health advisory company that has recently branched out to other Southeast Asian countries. Their network of physicians and hospitals, backed by insurance companies, is designed to support patients in order to obtain quality medical care at the best possible price.


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Marketing at DocDoc

DocDoc has 7 Marketing employees in Indonesia alone. The company employs various marketing positions such as Data Specialists and Product Analysts within the department to complement the overall growth strategy of the startup.

    Where they studied:

  1. LSPR
  2. Guangxi Medical University
  3. Huazhong University of Science and Tech
  4. Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Jakarta
  5. Universitas Airlangga
  6. UGM
  7. Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  8. Universitas Kristen Indonesia
  9. Universitas Kristen Maranatha Bandung
  10. Universitas Mercu Buana


  1. UGM
  2. Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  3. Universitas Kristen Indonesia
  4. Universitas Kristen Maranatha Bandung
  5. Universitas Mercu Buana

    What they studied:

  1. Medicine
  2. Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications
  3. Public Relations
  4. European Studies/Civilization
  5. Japanese Studies

    Where they worked before:

  1. International SOS
  2. PT Infomedia Nusantara
  3. NetSuite
  4. Citi
  5. Citilink Indonesia

Meet some of DocDoc's Marketers

DocDoc marketers come from a variety of universities, from all over the country. Below a few examples of universities represented by multiple current DocDoc employees. If you are an alumni from such university you can reach out directly to them to ask them more information about a career in marketing at DocDoc.

Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo

Provider Sales (Profile)

Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Data Specialist (Profile)

Universitas Mercu Buana

Corporate Trainer (Profile)

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