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PT Bilna, or more commonly known as Orami, is an Indonesian online shopping platform providing various household needs especially targetted for women across Southeast Asia. The company aims to simplify the retail experience in order to accommodate with the increasingly career-oriented society.


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Marketing at PT Bilna

PT Bilna has 5 Marketing employees in Indonesia. The company is employing and also seeking to employ various marketing positions such as SEO Editor, Business Development and Social Media Specialists within the department to complement the overall growth strategy of the startup.

    Where they studied:

  1. Budi Luhur University
  2. Binus
  3. UBM
  4. Mercu Buana
  5. University of Melbourne
  6. Institut Teknologi Budi Utomo
  7. Institut Teknologi Indonesia
  8. Universitas Andalas
  9. Universitas Bung Karno
  10. UGM


  1. Institut Teknologi Budi Utomo
  2. Institut Teknologi Indonesia
  3. Universitas Andalas
  4. Universitas Bung Karno
  5. UGM

    What they studied:

  1. IT
  2. Informatics
  3. Intermedia/Multimedia
  4. Accounting and Business
  5. Food Science and Technology

    Where they worked before:

  1. Groupon
  2. PT Erajaya Swaembada Tbk
  4. PT ACE Hardware Indonesia, Tbk
  5. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk

Meet some of PT Bilna's Marketers

PT Bilna marketers come from a variety of universities, from all over the country. Below a few examples of universities represented by multiple current PT Bilna employees. If you are an alumni from such university you can reach out directly to them to ask them more information about a career in marketing at PT Bilna.

Universitas Islam Indonesia

Social Media Specialist (Profile)


Head of Creative (Profile)

Universitas Esa Unggul

Senior Merchandise Relation (Profile)

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